what ingridients, can I use in a protein shake?

I recently joined a health club, and I asked one of the instructors what would be a light breakfast before exercising in the morning. She told me to drink a shake with a little protein powder, I thought protein powders were used by people that are body building and want to get really big. So is protein powders good or not? I’m trying to loose weight and tone.

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  1. Mikey Says: protein shakes r great…whether ur losing weight or gaining muscle. body builders drink like 3-4 shakes a day. if ur trying 2 lose weight just drink 1 b4 u work out and maybe 1 after
  2. Wooderson Says: Well, protein powders are a supplement. As such they are properly used to supplement your food intake when you are not otherwise getting enough protein in the food you are eating. They are used by body builders to get big, that is true, but they take in a lot more calories than you should. For convenience, if you are replacing your breakfast with a shake, you can use protein powder. However, you should know how much you want to eat on a daily basis and measure accordingly. You shouldn’t be drinking shakes in addition to a full diet, because you’ll just be adding calories and if you are going for fat loss then you may not be directing yourself to reach your goal. Plus, the other ingredients in a shake are hugely important. You don’t want to put in ice cream or frozen yogurt, for example. Just protein powder and water and/or maybe some fruit, to get you to the right number of calories. If you are on a 1500 calorie a day regimen, and you’re going to eat 5 meals in a day, then you should have 300 for breakfast. If you’re only going to eat 3 meals, then 500 for breakfast. The benefit of shakes is that it’s real easy to measure calories. However, the drawback is it is really easy to still be hungry, stop for breakfast on top of the shake, and be 700 or 800 calories into your daily calorie intake before the morning is half over.
  3. harrypm82 Says: I’ve got a cheap shake you can make at home and though it sounds yukky, it actually tastes good. Half a glass of milk, a fresh crushed banana, a raw egg and a few drops of vanilla essence.Mix it with a mixer and add 2 teaspoons of sugar.Great protein shake.Hope this helps and please rate
  4. Mike A Says: Your goal is to lose weight and tone muscle, right? Forget the expensive, often illeffective shakes and products. Eat sensible meals, including egg whites, proteins, and cut back on your carbs. Work the cardo and burn calories and you’ll notice a difference within weeks. Reminder – the most important exercise you can do to lose weight is to exercise your eating habits. Manuractured wrapper = bad. Natural wrapper = good. sidenote = raw eggs can land you in the hospital. avoid!
  5. toddk57@sbcglobal.net Says: Well: has yourself heard of Slim Fast Powder in which it is an Protein item for Breakfast also very Nutritional Drink that has Flavors like Strawberry , Vanillia ,Chocolate Only best items today plus useful with Fruits and Milk yes that would be related to Diet & Fitness !
  6. Shineden Says: Well i will be very short and very precise. I give it to you like it is and here is your answer. Put away your blender, stop taking those horrible tasting powders or tasteless bars and grab onto “Agel Pro”. check it out