Any ideas for a machine free upper body workout?

I don’t want to bother w/ machines because I am at college and I just want to build up a bit. Adding machines and getting involved with the teams in the gym is something I don’t think I’ll have time for dealing with that. Just want a resource for something to construct a workout from and/or some examples of exercises I could use. I am a guy so that would make a difference.Thanks.

4 Responses to “Any ideas for a machine free upper body workout?”

  1. marcusnz80 Says: check the exercises link..
  2. Hawko Says: If your looking for natural exercises, Pushups-Build your chest,arms,triceps,shoulders,neck,back. Chinups- Biceps,Shoulders,neck. Bridges-core strength,chest,shoulders. Thats all the upper body workouts i use, adding weight like a back pack or something onto my back when doing push ups.
  3. Jose Miguel Says: Push-Ups is the logical choice. Go easy when starting and gradually scale to harder, faster and longer. Good luck!! J.
  4. Jon Says: Do the military style workouts. Push-ups, Pull-ups, Dips…….Great for upper body and can be done anywhere you have a floor and a door.