Body Building Exercise

You have finally taken the leap after looking at yourself in the mirror and decided it's time to put on a little muscle making you a lean, mean body building machine. You just have no idea where to begin or only a vague idea.

When undertaking something as wonderful as getting fit and healthy it is important to understand how different exercises affect your body. To begin a regimen of body building exercise, you first have to understand that you are going to need to build vast amounts of muscle. Cardiovascular exercises, although great for your system, are not going to build the muscle mass that you desire. You will have to lift weights, do pushups, chin-ups, and lunges. Some of these will even require the use of free weights to get the desired results.

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Scitec Monster 100If you want to increase mass on your chest, shoulders and triceps, one of the best exercises you can do is the dumbbell fly along with pushups and the barbell bench press. These will enable you to create dramatic pectoral muscles and great strength in a short amount of time. When working out your abs for that six-pack everyone wants in the summer, it's back to sit-ups and gorilla crunches which are a modified version of the chin-up. Also leg pull-ins with a dumbbell between your feet will work your lower abdominals better that without the dumbbell.

Scitec Big BangYour glutes, and you know everyone is going to be looking at them before long, react particularly well to one-legged cable kicks. These can be done either with a cable and weight set allowing you to simply slide a cuff around your ankle and kick back, or by adding ankle weights and doing the same motion. Another body building exercise that is ideal for the glutes are barbell dead lift utilizing the correct amount of weight so as not to hurt yourself, you simply bend over, grab the barbell, and straighten allowing the barbell to rest at the lower point of arm's length.

Finally, the calf muscles need a good workout.

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All you really need is a balance board. These are usually created with a round flat surface for standing on with a rounded, almost ball shape on the bottom. Not only will your calves look great when you master this, but your sense of balance will increase giving you the grace to really walk and show off all those newfound muscles that you have worked so hard to get.